How to setup magento multi store?

Following steps to create multi store shopping cart in magento.
All the Magento Store Development can be managed and shared from a single backend Admin panel.

We can also share all the customers between stores.

For this in each Store you need to create Web store in main Magento admin installation:

To perform the action just login to Magento Admin panel as an Administrator.

Follow the below steps.

System –> Manage Stores –> Create Website

Name: Enter the name of the desired domain (“”) as shown in below.
Code : Enter identifier for that domain (“test_com”)

Magento Multiple=

Next go to:
System –> Manage Stores –> Create Store

Website: Select “” from dropdown menu.
Name: Use same test_com to identify same store.
Root Category: You can have different Categories for each website for now we will select ‘Default Category’

Magento Multiple=
To Create Another categories goto:

Catalog –> Manage Categories –> Add Root Category
You can add categories for the new website.

Now you need to setup Store View goto:
System > Manage Stores > Create Store View

Store: select “test_com” from dropdown menu.

Name and Code enter “test_com” Make sure to enter only smaller case, its Case Sensitive

Status: “Enabled”

To setup Magento on different domains you need to update following two files:

You can find the below two sample file in magento home directory .htaccess.sample and index.php.sample. Just rename both sample files as below names.

1) .htacces
2) Index.php

Open “index.php” and modify line which begins with “$mageFilename” in Magento 1.4.1 it is on line no 45

$mageFilename = ‘magento_installation_path/app/Mage.php’;

And on line no 68:

$mageRunCode = isset ($_SERVER[‘MAGE_RUN_CODE’]) ? $_SERVER[‘MAGE_RUN_CODE’] : ”;

Replace with:

$mageRunCode = isset($_SERVER[‘MAGE_RUN_CODE’]) ? $_SERVER[‘MAGE_RUN_CODE’] : ‘test_com’;
To Setup a Different Look and Feel or Theme

You need to update media, skin and javascript file.

We can copy these files from the previous installation to new domain, We can also set this from Magento admin panel:
System –> Configuration –> Under Current Configuration Scope: select your website/store from dropdown (“test_com”)

Click on Web and under Secure and Unsecured you need to modify:
If this is on same folder then no need to modify anything

else modify the below.

Base Skin URL (example:
Base Media URL (example:
Base JavaScript URL (example:

You are done now. This is how we create magento multiple stores as Magento Module Development

We can create separate Magento Theme Design work by just copy and paste of the magento skin/frontend/default/yourtheme and paste it as your store name and then just go the system>> configuration >> Web >> Design and change the select your store name and paste the theme name whatever you have created in magento skin folder.

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