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Magento2: Implementation of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Scandiweb, a full-stack agency and PWA solution developers, was approached by a Canadian online adult store with a task to convert their existing Magento store into a Progressive Web App (PWA).


As the customer was running Magento 1 store and wanted to migrate to Magento 2, in order to successfully complete the goal, Scandiweb needed to perform a series of tasks:

Magento 1 migration to Magento 2
  • SEO strategy creation for migration
  • Redesign of the website
  • PWA implementation for Magento store
  • If you are not familiar with Progressive Web Apps and why it’s a big deal, check out this easy-to-follow article and learn what PWA technology can bring to your business:


While being one of the first to implement a cutting-edge PWA technology is always a challenging task, Scandiweb faced additional challenges.

Since customer is operating only within a certain geographical area and due to specifics of the business is heavily relying on the organic traffic sources, it was extremely important to maintain the traffic coming from the search engines.


The development team performed a migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.3., and implemented the Progressive Web Apps technology using ScandiPWA theme.
The PWA development was done involving Scandiweb’s SEO specialists from the very beginning of the project, ensuring smooth migration process and implementation of SEO best practices.
Additional SEO audits were performed after the launch of the project.


After switching to a Progressive Web App, the updated website not only provided incredible user experience for all device users, but also immediately impacted almost all major KPIs!
Here are the results shortly after comparing to a last year’s


Below given data is case sudy of Canadian store

  • Increase conversions by 13.46%
  • Revenue increase by 8.19%
  • eCommerce Conversion Rate increase by 13.46%
  • Transaction rate increase by 18.75%
  • Bounce rate decrease by -7.21%

Organic traffic didn’t drop after the website’s migration and PWA implementation, showing a 4.66% increase in sessions from the organic sources.


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